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Love and Sacrifice

A Story from the Heart of America

"Love and Sacrifice is an essential story in the history of World War Two and of the entire era. Indeed, this is a story from the heart of America of a proud Kansas family. The sacrifices the Reed family made for their country and for freedom are still being made today by our military families and the message of hope arising from adversity rings as true today as it did then." - U.S. Senator Robert Dole


Ollie and Mildred Reed dedicated their lives to the basic tenets: God, country and family.


Toward God, they were humble, relying on divine guidance and inevitability in their lives.


For their country, they surrendered independent living for a life in the military that took them across the country and around the world.


Ollie and Mildred raised two sons during the inter-war years between World Wars One and Two, with a shared sense of dedication to the same principles.


Love and Sacrifice tells the stories of this remarkable family within the context of time and place as they travel through the twentieth century, ending in unimaginable tragedy.


This never-before-told story of love and sacrifice is presented in a 90,000-word narrative nonfiction book and companion documentary.


Col. Ollie W. Reed

Mildred Boddy Reed

Lt. Ollie W. Reed, Jr.

Ted Reed

Laura Sloman Reed and

Ollie W. Reed, III

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